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Episode # Episode Name Foreign Name PresentDescription
S1E01Welcome To LazyTownyes
S1E03Sports Dayyes
S1E04Crystal Caperyes
S1E05Sleepless in LazyTownyes
S1E06Swiped Sweetsyes
S1E07Hero for a Dayyes
S1E09Happy Brush Dayyes
S1E10Lazy Scoutsyes
S1E11Dr Rottensteinyes
S1E13Cry Dinosauryes
S1E14My Treehouseyes
S1E15The Laziest Townyes
S1E16Dear Diaryyes
S1E17Zap Ityes
S1E18Records Dayyes
S1E19Prince Stingyyes
S1E21Play Dayyes
S1E22Remote Controlyes
S1E23Sportacus Whoyes
S1E24Soccer Suckeryes
S1E25Miss Robertayes
S1E26LazyTowns New Superheroyes
S1E27Secret Agent Zeroyes
S1E28LazyTowns Greatest Hitsyes
S1E29LazyTowns Surprise Santayes
S1E30Robbies Greatest Missesyes
S1E31Sports Candy Festivalyes
S1E32Dancing Duelyes
S1E33Ziggys Alienyes
S1E34Sportacus on the Moveyes
S2E01Rockin Robbieyes
S2E02Little Sportacusyes
S2E03Trash Troubleyes
S2E04Double Troubleyes
S2E05Haunted Castleyes
S2E06Snow Monsteryes
S2E07The LazyTown Circusyes
S2E08Friends Foreveryes
S2E09Pixel TVyes
S2E10School Scamyes
S2E11Energy Bookyes
S2E12Birthday Surpriseyes
S2E13LazyTown Goes Digitalyes
S2E14The Lazy Genieyes
S2E15Once Upon a Timeyes
S2E16The Lazy Rocketsyes
S2E17Dancing Dreamsyes
S2E18Sportacus Saves the Toysyes
S3E02The Greatest Giftyes
S3E03Little Pink Riding Hoodyes
S3E04Scavenger Huntyes
S3E05Whos Whoyes
S3E06Purple Panther (Part 1)yes
S3E07Purple Panther (Part 2)yes
S3E08The Blue Knightyes
S3E09The First Day Of Summeryes
S3E10The Lazy Cupyes
S3E11Chef Rottenfoodyes
S3E12Breakfast At Stephaniesyes
S3E13The Holiday Spirityes
S4E01Lets Go To The Moonyes
S4E02The Last Sports Candyyes
S4E03Secret Friend Dayyes
S4E04New Kid In Townyes
S4E05Time To Learnyes
S4E06Princess Stephanieyes
S4E07Ziggys Talking Teddyyes
S4E08The Wizard Of LazyTownyes
S4E09The Baby Trollyes
S4E10The Fortune Telleryes
S4E11Ghost Stoppersyes
S4E12Robbies Dream Teamyes
S4E13Mystery Of The Pyramidyes