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Episode # Episode Name Foreign Name PresentDescription
S1E01Welcome To LazyTown안녕!스포르타yes
S1E03Sports Day게으른동네의운동회yes
S1E04Crystal Caper잃어버린수정구슬yes
S1E05Sleepless in LazyTown게으른동네의잠못이루는밤yes
S1E06Swiped Sweets도둑맞은생일케이크yes
S1E07Hero for a Day영웅이된지기yes
S1E09Happy Brush Day최고의생일선물yes
S1E10Lazy Scouts게으른스카우트yes
S1E11Dr Rottenstein가짜전염병yes
S1E13Cry Dinosaur공룡이나타났다!yes
S1E14My Treehouse나만의나무집yes
S1E15The Laziest Town세상에서제일게으른동네yes
S1E16Dear Diary스테파니의일기장yes
S1E17Zap It사라져라얍!yes
S1E18Records Day신기록을세우자!yes
S1E19Prince Stingy왕자가된스틴지yes
S1E21Play Day오늘은노는날yes
S1E22Remote Control초강력원격조정기yes
S1E23Sportacus Who잃어버린기억을찾아라yes
S1E24Soccer Sucker축구대소동yes
S1E25Miss Roberta예절선생님yes
S1E26LazyTowns New Superhero게으른동네의새영웅1yes
S1E27Secret Agent Zero비밀탐정수사대yes
S1E28LazyTowns Greatest Hits노래하는게으른동네yes
S1E29LazyTowns Surprise Santa사랑의크리스마스yes
S1E30Robbies Greatest Misses사상최악의작전yes
S1E31Sports Candy Festival에너지사탕축제yes
S1E32Dancing Duel춤추는태엽인형yes
S1E33Ziggys Alien외계인친구조비yes
S1E34Sportacus on the Move스포르타의하루yes
S2E01Rockin Robbie로큰롤스타yes
S2E02Little Sportacus꼬마가된스포르타yes
S2E03Trash Trouble쓰레기소동yes
S2E04Double Trouble나쁜시장님yes
S2E05Haunted Castle유령이나타났다!yes
S2E06Snow Monster괴물눈사람이나타났다yes
S2E07The LazyTown Circus게으른동네의서커스no
S2E08Friends Forever영원한 친구no
S2E09Pixel TV픽셀TVno
S2E10School Scam이상한선생님no
S2E11Energy Book에너지책yes
S2E12Birthday Surprise케이크싸움no
S2E13LazyTown Goes Digital첨단도시대소동no
S2E14The Lazy Genie지니와요술램프yes
S2E15Once Upon a Time꼬마돼지삼형제no
S2E16The Lazy Rockets씽씽번개팀no
S2E17Dancing Dreams내꿈은무용수yes
S2E18Sportacus Saves the Toys장난감을구해라yes
S3E02The Greatest Giftno
S3E03Little Pink Riding Hoodno
S3E04Scavenger Huntno
S3E05Whos Whono
S3E06Purple Panther (Part 1)no
S3E07Purple Panther (Part 2)no
S3E08The Blue Knightno
S3E09The First Day Of Summerno
S3E10The Lazy Cupno
S3E11Chef Rottenfoodno
S3E12Breakfast At Stephaniesno
S3E13The Holiday Spiritno
S4E01Lets Go To The Moonno
S4E02The Last Sports Candyno
S4E03Secret Friend Dayno
S4E04New Kid In Townno
S4E05Time To Learnno
S4E06Princess Stephanieno
S4E07Ziggys Talking Teddyno
S4E08The Wizard Of LazyTownno
S4E09The Baby Trollno
S4E10The Fortune Tellerno
S4E11Ghost Stoppersno
S4E12Robbies Dream Teamno
S4E13Mystery Of The Pyramidno